Monthly Archives: May 2017

Using Self-referencing to Explain the Effectiveness of Ethnic Minority Models in Advertising

Christina Kwai-Choi Lee, Nalini Fernandez and Brett A.S. Martin University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand Advertising research has generally not gone beyond offering support for a positive effect where ethnic models in advertising are viewed by consumers of the same ethnicity. This study offers an explanation behind this phenomenon that can be useful to… Read More »

A Stranger’s Touch: Effects of Accidental Interpersonal Touch on Consumer Evaluations and Shopping Time

BRETT A. S. MARTIN   This article examines an unexplored area of consumer research—the effect of accidental interpersonal touch (AIT) from a stranger on consumer evaluations and shopping times. The research presents a field experiment in a retail setting. This study shows that men and women who have been touched by another consumer when examining… Read More »

Planned or Impulse Purchases? How to Create Effective Infomercials

TOM AGEE University of Auckland, New Zealand BRETT A. S. MARTIN University of Auckland, New Zealand   Conventional wisdom suggests that most purchases made from infomercials— 30-minute direct-response television advertisements—are made on impulse. However, this study of 878 infomerciai purchasers of six products from a major internationai infomerciai marketer indicates that the majority… Read More »

Email Advertising: Exploratory Insights from Finland

BRETT A. S. MARTIN University of Auckland Business School JOEL VAN DURME University of Auckland Business MIKA RAULAS Institute of Direct Marketing Excellence Helsinki School of Economics MARKO IVIERISAVO Institute of Direct Marketing Excellence Helsinki School of Economics   Since the advent of the internet, much speculation has ensued regarding its… Read More »

Product Placement in US and New Zealand Television Soap Operas: An Exploratory Study

SIMON J. PERVAN Department of Accounting and Management, La Trobe University,Victoria 3086, Melbourne, Australia BRETT A. S. MARTIN Department of Marketing,University of Auckland Business School, Private Bag 92019,Auckland, New Zealand Although the soap opera as a television genre has consistently captured the imagination of millions of people around the world,surprisingly little has been written about… Read More »