The Growth of the SEO Industry

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Search engines aren’t a new invention, and neither is SEO (search engine optimization) but it certainly feels like SEO is continuing to grow and change at an unprecedented rate while we all still use the same search engines. The SEO industry is one that continues to grow – but what is leading to that growth? Will it ever stop? These are some of the questions that professionals working in the SEO industry, and those that rely on it, ask themselves every day. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – SEO has always been a point of contention among marketers. Some believe that it will always exist, at least in some form, but others see it as a passing fad that will eventually come to an end.

But SEO has survived this long, and it only continues to grow. Companies are expected to spend well over $70 billion on SEO next year, and that number has been growing by leaps and bounds every single year. With companies large and small coming to the SEO industry, specializations and industry-specific SEO companies are pushing everyone forward even more. In fact, SEO growth has exceeded all expectations over the last few years, pushing its growth well into the future. Surveys have found that not only do companies see the benefit of SEO, they understand it and are willing to put more money into it as well.

What Causes the Growth of the SEO Industry?

In a world where marketing trends come and go, why has SEO been able to stick around? While there hasn’t been a ton of research into it, there are a few reasons why SEO has grown and will probably continue to grow:

People are Searching More Frequently. The number of searches we do per day has gone up, and with the growth of AI and personal assistants, that number is not going to go down. Technologies are faster and more convenient than ever before, so people will continue to search to find everything from information to dining suggestions.

More People Have Access to Search Engines. Every day, more people are getting access to internet and search engines. The internet is becoming more affordable in different demographics, and increasingly essential in all corners of the world. It is not inconceivable that in the future, there will be universal internet that everyone enjoys – in cars, phones, public transportation, and of course, at home.

More Options for Searching. Of course, we all revolve our search engine optimization around Google, but there will be alternatives coming and they may even grow to be real competitors. Amazon, YouTube, and app store engines are just a few of the choices that will continue to see growth in SEO.

Decreasing Power of Traditional Marketing. Traditional marketing and advertising methods are not as popular as they used to be – people aren’t watching commercials, listening to the radio, or paying attention to billboards. Still, there are some businesses that depend on these traditional forms of marketing, and when local radio stations or television stations do move to new formats, businesses will have to do the same thing. Companies that have already made the switch will obviously have the upper hand here – but increased competition will lead to an increase in dollars spent.

SEO will Continue to Grow. As SEO companies get better and better at creating, managing, and growing SEO campaigns, the industry will grow. We are already seeing this: what was once something as simple as keyword stuffing is now more intricate and requires a more diverse set of skills. Some of the steps we take today might not work in a few years.

Can Anything Stop the Growth of the SEO Industry?

Some people believe that the SEO industry might be fading, and while there is little proof that it will happen, here are a few things to keep your eyes on:

Competition. Could we get to the point where competition will get so high and everyone is doing SEO so much that it will no longer be effective? As mentioned above, it is possible that some of the steps we are taking today will fade, but new ones will replace them. Companies that “execute” SEO once will be left behind, but those with continuous SEO will still succeed.

The Changing Face of “Search.” Search is changing and is getting harder and harder to predict. Still, it is important to understand that what qualifies are “SEO” is more than just search results. It is starting to apply to different things on different websites. SEO has been, and will likely continue to, change and adapt rather than die.

It is hard to predict the future because there are so many variables and technological developments that we can’t even see just yet. However, SEO is likely going to continue to be a stalwart in the marketing industry.

Companies can certainly continue to feel safe and comfortable investing in SEO. Interested in your own SEO strategy? Contact an SEO marketing professional here.

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